Your local CNC engineering and

precision manufacturing company,

anywhere in the world.

CNC engineering and precision manufacturing depends on being efficient, versatile, and accurate. Precision in business relies on good communication. Taradale Production Engineers is founded on these principles.

Our pursuit of ‘zero defects’ means you can bring parts to the assembly line with confidence. A quality manufactured component is more viable and cost-effective in the long run than a cheaper one. We make quality components. Guaranteed.

We’re the people to talk to if you have a difficult job, and we’re the best communicating engineers you’ll work with. Wherever you are in the world, when you work with us, we strive to be your local CNC engineering company.


Not content to simply produce components the same way day after day, TPE always explore options to improve, to do things better and faster which results in shorter lead-times and more competitive pricing. TPE are a highly valued partner in our supply chain.

Howard Wright Limited Research & Development Manager - Anthony Batley