We started business in 1973 with four key concepts underpinning everything we do. Even through growth, expansion and change, these concepts remain fundamental to our business. Today, the parts we manufacture are exported all around the world, particularly to Australia and America.

Zero Defects

Over the years, we’ve developed a reputation for being the company that handles the difficult jobs nobody else wants to do. Our ongoing determination to produce parts and components with zero defects has turned our team into expert problem solvers. We tackle the tricky, refine the rough, and aim to lift every part to perfection.


We won’t compromise on quality. We provide certification at every stage for compliance and to meet specification. Parts and components that are designed well and machined from good materials outlast cheaply made products and are more cost-effective in the long run. All our products are audited, traceable, and measurable.


You get your order on time, in full and to specification.

Customer Relationships

In all our customer relationships, we strive to be as accessible and communicative as ‘your local machine shop down the road’. We’re available when you need us. Go on, pick up the phone and try us out.

Meet Darryl

Darryl is usually the first person you’ll talk to at TPE. Darryl takes care of quoting and procurement and looks after the job details.

Talk to him about machining quality parts, prompt service, and any problems you have with existing parts and supply. You’ll be dealing with the company owner.

TPE is there for our customers. We view every relationship as a partnership providing mutual benefit to all.

darryl compressed cropped
Precision machining at Taradale Production Engineering