CNC Machining

We can design and manufacture complex components end-to-end using multiple tools in a single cell. Coupled with a high level of automation, and advanced cam software, we do innovative work with minimum of handling. We also run a comprehensive jigging system around the 4th axis so multiple numbers of parts can be machined along several planes in one setting.

Meet Our Machines

  • Okuma MX45/VAE full 4th Axis machining capabilities within an envelope of 700 x 500 x 500. Longer work is accommodated through the ends of our machines
  • Spinner MVC 1000 with full 4th Axis machining capacity of 1000 x 500 x 650
4 Axis Machining at Taradale Production Engineering

Okuma MX45/VAE 4th axis machining

CNC Machining at Taradale Production Engineering

Okuma LB 200 MW mill turn lathe