Quality Assurance

A quality product has many advantages over a cheaply made one. For durability, a quality product is more cost-effective in the long run, needing to be replaced less, and reducing maintenance. You can take a quality product to an assembly line with confidence, knowing that it will be free from defects and meet your specifications. Here’s how we determine quality.


We provide certification at every stage of the manufacturing process. This starts at metal composition and material compliance, i.e. to ensure safe amounts of lead content in brass tapware and plumbing fittings, right through to industry specific specifications. All materials and process can be traced for added assurance.

Measuring and Audit

TPE uses a Mitutoyo Crysta-Apex C multisensor-capable 3D coordinate measuring machine with the sensitivity to measure parts and components for accuracy to 2 microns. The measuring stylus is triggered at .1 of a Newton. We use this machine to audit parts as they are manufactured, and to produce comprehensive reports to ensure parts meet your specifications.

Our machine today has only three original parts (although they were also put through the mill!), has an improved functionality we didn’t dare dream about, and costs over 30% less to make than the first run.

Blister Boys Director - Pete Orchard

prototype cam

Full measurement reports available

Quality Assurance at Taradale Production Engineering

Full traceability of material and processes